I'm Ryan. I make stuff with code.

I'm passionate about making highly functional websites and applications, and constantly learning new tech.



This site right here. Gatsby, Sanity & some styling. A place to showcase my work.


Gatsby & Sanity Boilerplate

I've really fallen in love with the project development flow of the headless CMS and static site generation, and Gatsby and Sanity in particular. So I built this boilerplate to spin up quick projects on demand. It was used as the basis for this portfolio in fact!


Dante Baked

Dante bakes amazing things. He's been using Instagram to build his business, but it was time to put together a site to showcase his work and grow even more. This site was designed to be client edited on demand, using Sanity for the CMS and Gatsby to render the pages. As of today, its a work in progress. Some final styling, forms for contact and ordering and cleaned up responsive design are on the way.